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Prompt Request: YOUR Characters (AKA "Let Me Write You Some Fanfiction")

Prompt Submission Closed for Now

(While I work on what I've gotten.)
May open again later.

What it says. I want some prompts, and I want them to be about other people's characters. I want to write using characters other than the ones I normally work with. I might produce a drabble, it might be a ficlet. I doubt anything will really qualify as a full short story, but you never know.

There ARE rules.

1) No matter how well you think I know the character, I want at least one link (or you can eMail it to me, if you prefer, at to an example of YOUR writing about them/using them. Character profiles would be nice, if you've got them already put together, but aren't what I'm talking about. I want some fiction that uses them, so I can get a taste of their personality, their quirks, their tendencies. Their brain, if you will.
2) Can be one or more characters, but if you give me a huge group I can't promise I'll use them all.
3) I don't care how often you write with them...if they're fanfiction characters, I won't do them. I'll do characters named after or inspired by the characters of others (doll people, this probably mostly applies to you), but that's it. And I reserve the right to decline such characters (though if I do, you can suggest another), because in many cases they aren't really the point of this exercise. For example, a character named Gaara who lives in a big city in the somewhat distant future, has red hair and green eyes, and fights zombies to survive each day would be totally appropriate (and fun). A character named Gaara who lives in the desert and likes sand would get a big fat middle finger.
4) I want more than just character names. Names, locations, situations, items to interact with, things to muse on (for first-person pieces), anything. But not just names.
5) You want smut, I'll write smut. But you'd better give me some DAMNED good insight into the dynamics of the relationship first. I won't write non-con for these requests.

For examples of previous successful prompts formats (though of a different nature than these), see This Post. It should give you an idea of the kinds of suggestions that will get the most response from me. There is such a thing as being TOO specific.

If I think of anything else, I'll add it, but that's all for now. So Prompt Me Hard!

(This experiment brought to you by the fact that I'm taking creative nonfiction right now, and I want to write some fiction so bad I'm going to start chewing my toes off soon. And this week's prompt at Resinality just isn't doing it for me.)

NOTE: I've screened most of the posts of character writing examples, because quite a few people have indicated they didn't necessarily want their work-in-progress type stuff bandied about the internets. And I know that I usually feel that way myself.


Finished Prompts
greenjudy: Ira. The Prospect of a Car (red). Echoes of Uncle Arved (take however you like). Girls. Eric Tseng's private study.

In-Progress Prompts
doll_paparazzi: Christian, Trent, and Apollo (and the rest of the Loft) dealing with an injured Darryl (and vice-versa).
lionhearts: Not yet decided.
annie_chan: Sashenka Romanov (Sashe). Dietrich. Manhattan, 1949. Hotel lobby - spy as businessman. Night scene in hotel dining room - "Have we met?" He asked, "A man does not easily forget seeing eyes like yours."
urchinmoppet: Christopher. Noah. Prompt not yet decided.
torimiko: Not yet decided.
kurimja: Kaelen with broken chalice. Young Umbrae. Forest or mansion gardens.
mamon_lugi: Older Luke. Older Bu. Bu was missing, and now he's back.
mamon_lugi: Marduk. Umbrae. Sparring. Rain.
Prompt Submission Closed for Now
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